Reset and Regain

Hey loves! I hope you all had a great weekend. My weekend was filled with endless laughs and a trip down memory lane with my friends. All good things must come to end. We said bye-bye to the weekend and boom it’s Monday again. Monday is meant a time to reset the clock for productivity and regain the motivation that was lost. As you go into this week, keep in mind that you are closer to your dream than you were yesterday or last week. You are either in the beginning stages of that goal or project. So with that I will leave you with two things. If you are still in the starting phase of things, you should go ahead and start that business, create that blog or start your fitness goals. Whatever you have set in mind to do you should do it. If you towards the end of your project, close out it out. If that project isn’t up to par, make sure you re-adjust where need be. No matter what stage it is, ensure that you are gentle with yourself. With that being said, I hope you all have a great and productive week. Ciao!  


It’s already June 😳

I know it’s been a while. I took some time off, but I’m back. To be completely honest, I haven’t felt motivated to blog however I am slowly but surely getting my creative juices flowing so I will pumping out new and more material.

Can y’all believe that it already June? It is the first Monday of June to be exact. It is the start of a new week which means new goals to achieve. Have you written down some goals that you want to achieve for the week/ month? One of my goals is too channel my motivation so I can finish up some projects I started at the beginning of the year. I know I cannot be the only person who has started projects and never finished them. I am the worst when it comes to that. I have however found ways to counter that lack of motivation, I am going to make a to-do list. Planning things makes things easier for me, but that took to actually register. I am a working progress lol. With all that being said, I hope you all achieve your set goals to ensure that this month is productive. Work hard for the things you want and don’t let anything or anyone get in your way of your success. Until next time loves. ❤️

Love and light



The big “F” word

“Failure is success in progress.”

                                           -Albert Einstein

 Failure by definition is the lack of success or the omission of expected/ required action.  My biggest fear was to fail. For as long I can remember I was afraid of that term, not realizing the meaning behind it.

Being the middle child, I had examples of what I envisioned failure was. In all I did, I made certain that no one had done before. That was my motive to further myself and the reasons I chose the path that deemed an individual “prosperous”. I enlisted in the Marines at 18, secured my first “big girl job”, and graduated from college. All these achievements were what I assumed encompassed the reciprocal of failure. That my naïve mind set.

It wasn’t until my junior year in college when I delved into what failure was. I was devoted to my exploration. I read books, conducted research and obtained guidance from former teachers or my elders. After conducting my research, I determined that actual meaning of failure is giving up altogether on trying. So what did I do with this knowledge? I applied it to all I had classified as a fear of mine and begin a journey of surmounting it. The recipe is many self-talks and affirmations. Do not be discouraged and accept your failures, but do not give up. Cheers!

Peace of mind

What does having peace mean to you? Peace means being able to let go of the things that worry or bother me. For many years it was difficult for me to grasp because I believed I found “peace” in the comfort of others. The reality of it is peace seems simple to find however it is difficult to attain. Being human, we often think peace comes from those around us when in actually it happens within us. Little Jon or Sue can’t bring you peace when haven’t ever attained it. I felt that someone needed to hear this tonight. I will leave you with a quote.

“If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else.”

— Marvin Gaye

-With ❤️ Ashley P

Everything is ART!

Good Morning everyone! Hope you all are doing well and taking care of yourselves. I have been M.IA and I apologize for that. Life has been a little hectic, but I am working on finding the time to blog.

There is a kind of beauty in imperfection. 

-Conrad Hall 

So I picked up a new art form. It is the art of photography. It is something that brings joy to my heart and makes my soul smile. Just the idea of getting to capture the beauty all around me brings such euphoria. I loathe generalizations, but I do feel that people no longer see the beauty in things. No matter what is. If you look around you it is easy to will find beauty in the things that surround you (i.e. the sun, the sky, deformed oak tree, or small body of water). Here are some of my photos of my for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy them. Ciao!

L’ amour de l’art

Hey loves! Hope you all are doing well and having a great start of your week. I am doing well!

Lately I have been feeling inspired by the things around me. The raw beauty of things wherever man made or created by God. I thought it would be cool to share these things with you all. I hope you all enjoy. Ciao!

Empowered women empower women

The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.

Mohadsea Najumi

Today is International Women’s day and I am embracing my feminine energy. As I am sitting at my desk just reflecting on the power of being a woman I can’t help to feel empowered. We go through so much on a day to day basis and we do it effortlessly with minimal or no complaints. Whether you are taking care of a household, going to school, working a full time job or a combination of all three I want to let you know are doing the damn thing miss boss lady. It is also a fact that women do not get a lot of recognition for doing all the things that you do. I held a brief conversation with one of my male counterparts and he asked me “how do you do it?”  My response was “I just do it.” Women make it happen without full disclosure of what is required. That in itself is a talent. So to all of my beautiful ladies out there, keep being the boss that you are and know that you don’t need a “day” to validate how bad of a mama jama you are. Ciao!